SFI to take up cleansing process: Baby

The Students Federation of India (SFI) would embark on a purging process to get rid of unsavoury elements who camouflage as party activists and consciously attempt to smear its public image through their destructive pursuits, Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member M.A. Baby has said.

Referring to the sporadic incidents of violence in University College and other campuses, Mr. Baby told The Hindu here on Monday that the SFI and the CPI(M) deemed it as an opportunity to expel such elements. The SFI would use it as an opportunity to initiate a cleaning process, he said.

“This cannot be considered as stray or isolated cases. Such incidents had occurred in University College earlier also. The CPI(M) and SFI had taken remedial steps, but they haven’t attained fruition. Now we have resolved to remove such unhealthy and debasing tendencies from campuses through strong corrective measures,” Mr. Baby said.

No justification

Though the SFI was a victim of campus violence and had a long list of martyrs, the latest being Abhimanyu of Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam, incidents like those in University College could not be justified on any grounds. Campuses should be the pivot of creative discussions and intellectual discourses. That was the founding and cardinal principle of the SFI, he said. The party had given directions to the SFI leadership to ensure transparency in its functioning, scrutinise its members and expel those who deviate from the core policies and ideology of the organisation. The SFI could ill-afford to bear the blame for such activities by workers who pursued their agenda using its tag, Mr. Baby said.

The CPI(M) leadership had cautioned the SFI leadership against conscious attempts by minority and majority extremist organisations as well as drug and illicit liquor mafia to infiltrate the ranks of the organisation and destroy the peace and tranquilly on campuses. He cautioned against the attempts of vested interests to use such incidents to depict the SFI as an epitome of campus violence.

“Depoliticisation of campuses too is no panacea to such problems,” he said.

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