Senior citizen blackmailed online

The Central Division cybercrime police are on the lookout for a person who, posing as a woman, blackmailed a 72-year-old businessman by threatening to publish morphed photos of him online. The victim, a resident of Lavelle Road, was forced to pay the accused ₹30,000, which he transferred using an e-wallet.

When the accused demanded more money, he approached the police. In his complaint to the police, the victim, George M.C. said the person using the fake profile of one Anjali Agarwal misused his photos and started extorting money from him.

Based on a complaint filed by Mr. George, the police have taken up a case against the unknown person charging them under Section 76 (transmitting obscene material) of the IT Act and for cheating and extortion under the Indian Penal Code. “The accused provided the victim a cellphone number which he used to transfer the ₹30,000 via Google Pay. We are tracking down the person with this information. This is a common form of online trap that people use to lure victims,” a senior police officer said.

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