Samantha latest emotional post with her latest photo shoot going viral !!

Emerging as a star heroine in Tollywood, Samantha is currently very busy with a series of projects. No matter how busy she is with movies she is also very active on social media. From time to time she shares photos of himself. Recently Samantha posed like a peacock for a magazine. Photos related to this are going viral on social media.

Samantha shared these on her Instagram that ‘I believe after working on so many projects, I can say that I’m a lot more confident, and it also comes with age and maturity. It took a while for me to get comfortable in my own skin and now I’m much more confident about trying on different roles whether it’s a sexy song or hard core action, which I probably would never have had the courage to do in the past , ‘says our May-June 2022 cover star Samantha.

‘The Superlative Star’ Samantha’s career trajectory is all about being on the rise and taking it a notch higher with every step. She’s a staunch believer of the adage ‘sky’s the limit’ and the only way to reach there is to make ‘consistency’ your best friend. Replacing ‘slow and steady’ with ‘consistency and confidence,’ Samantha marched forward leaving behind an enviable repertoire of work.

Netizens as well as celebrities are reacting to these photos. Heroine Tamanna.. commented as ‘Beauty’. As far as Samantha movies are concerned, this beauty is starring in the movie ‘Yashoda’ which is being made by directors Hari and Harish. The sci-fi film is set to release on August 12.

Along with this film, Samantha has agreed to a few other projects. Information that one or two movies in Bollywood have agreed. As well as doing bilingual, international projects. All of these sets are going to go up soon.

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