Sacrifice of animals banned at Alagarkoil

Sacrifice of animals by devotees has been banned at Sundarajara Perumal Temple in Alagarkoil as per the standard operating procedures set by the State Government.

Deputy Commissioner (in-charge) T. Anitha said on Sunday that devotees, who usually make pongal and participate in k’eda vettu’ at the temple, will not be allowed to do so in view of COVID-19,

Although many devotees can be seen in the morning, only a few come in the evening, she says. Since the lockdown relaxation on September 1, a minimum of 2,000 and a maximum of 4,000 people visited Alagarkoil on a single day, she says. “Rains in the area also act as a deterrent and not many devotees have come to the temple,” she said.

The DC (in-charge) adds that although there were initial concerns regarding parking vehicles and taking them up all the way to the top of the hill, the restrictions have now been relaxed based on the incoming crowds and there was space available for parking.

She added that since the premises of the temple was spacious, there was enough area for physical distancing as well. “The darshan is going on smoothly and we hope to continue the same with the support from the district administration and the police,” she added.

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