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Well-informed workers will be doubly cautious

Apropos to the news item, Licence of 28 fireworks units suspended, two accidents in cracker units have sniffed the life out of 29 workers in Virudhunagar district. These unskilled workers have poor knowledge about the hazardous nature of the explosive material. Violation by the licensee starts with leasing and subleasing and they pay little attention to safety norms. Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) should conduct awareness camps and seminars to inculcate safety habits in workers. A well-informed workforce will be doubly cautious. Officials of Industrial Safety, Revenue, Labour and Fire and Rescue Services should conduct surprise inspection and bar habitual offenders from running the business till the conditions are fulfilled. Safety audit by professionals from nearby corporations once a year will also help. Accidents never happen, they are caused. Firecracker units must aim for zero accident year.

J. Edison Devakaram


Poor condition of roads

Most of the roads in Paramakudi municipality are in a bad condition. On Ayyadurai Street, for instance, potholes have formed in many places. Two-wheeler riders are affected the most because of the back-breaking ride they have to endure every day. The bad condition of roads will also lead to accidents. I request the municipal authorities to repair the roads at the earliest.

V. Rajendran


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