Ram Pothineni a chain smoker! Reason Sukumar

Ram Pothineni starrer action drama The Warrior is all set to release this Thursday.  Recently during the media interaction, Ram Pothineni recalled becoming a chain smoker only for the sake of essaying a role in one of his films. The young actor revealed how he became a chain smoker following an attempted impersonation of his character. He said that  he was 18 when he shot Jagadam . During the shoot, he had to smoke a lot of cigarettes. He had never smoked before in his life.

Ram Pothineni  explained why he became a chain smoker, he said, “My director, Sukumar, has a keen eye for detail. During the shoot of Jagadam, he was not satisfied with the way I held the smokes in my hand. So I started this smoking  habit, without realizing that I had quickly become a chain smoker “.

When he was asked about the preparation for the cop role, the actor said, “After  the director Lingusamy left my place, I got myself a police uniform and started the preparation for the film. I was super excited to essay the character and my energy also suits the role quite well.”

About Krithi Shetty, Ram Pothineni said, “Krithi is very young but has a very stable head on her shoulders. She loves her craft so much and respects it. That is the reason she is going places in her career in the film industry.”

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