Ram Gopal Varma: Maharashtra allows Rajamouli RRR ticket price Rs 2200 and AP not allowing Rs 200

Cinematography Minister Perni Nani has said the AP government is empowered to fix the prices of movie tickets as per the Cinematograph Act, 1956.  Yesterday he held talks with film director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV with whom he had an interesting conversation over Twitter on Andhra Pradesh ticket prices a few days back.

The minister Nani said like Ram Gopal Varma anyone from the film industry could come and talk to him on the decision to reduce  the ticket prices in the state. YSRCP government did not cause any inconvenience to the film fraternity. If anyone finds these prices unreasonable, they can come and inform the committee appointed to fix the ticket prices.

After the meeting RGV said , “I  explained  the losses the film industry will sustain if the existing restriction on ticket prices continues. I am satisfied with the meeting I had with Minister Nani.”

But now RGV took the U Turn and started to call out the government of Andhra Pradesh over the ticket prices issue again.

Ram Gopal Varma took to his twitter and wrote,  “Maharashtra state allowing @ssrajamouli ‘s RRR ticket price to sell at Rs 2200/- and his home state AP not even allowing to sell at Rs 200/-  raises an existential question ‘WHO KILLED KATTAPPA?” For those asking ,Inox insignia multiplex chain in the northern states sells tickets at Rs 2200.”

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