Ram Charan wife asks Sadguru about Kids

The Mega Daughter-in-law Upasana Kamineni Konidela, besides being a successful business woman, a balancing wife and a dotting DIL of the mega family, she is an inspiration for many.  Earlier during an interview,  Ram Charan’ wife Upasana had said, “I am petrified to be a mom, there’s never a right time. But, my friends have been great examples and now I have done my bit of research, so may be some time soon. It’s nice that there is so much speculation about our child even before he/she is conceived, let alone born! Friends have called me asking to let them know when I am pregnant so they can launch a birthing line for us.”

Chiranjeevi once said that he and his wife are eagerly waiting for the special moment to become grandparents. But mega daughter in law Upasana’s recent words about having kids became a hot topic.
During an interaction with Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Upasana questioned, “I have been married for  ten years and am leading a very life with my family But a few question about RRR in my life. Relation, Reproduction, Role in life.” Sadguru replied, “Man is worried about carbon footprint but if the human footprint is reduced, there is no need to worry about global warming too. So it’s good to see the women who chose to not reproduce.”

Upasana  Kamineni and Sadguru’ conversation is currently trending on the internet.

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