Rajasthan Information Commission asks for display of RTE details

It would help bring transparency into the system, it says

The Rajasthan State Information Commission has directed the Education Department in Nagaur district to display the details of admissions to private schools under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, on its notice board. It would help bring transparency into the system, said the Commission.

Information Commissioner Narayan Bareth said the right to education (RTE) was an important national initiative, which involved the taxpayers’ money.

“The Commission has heard several cases in which the citizens in different parts of the State had sought information from private educational institutions in their areas on the implementation of RTE, but the schools did not appear keen on this,” he said.

The Commission gave the direction while hearing a matter in which a person from Nagaur district had filed an application under the right to information for details of admissions for two years in a private school and the funds allocated for it. Mr. Bareth said the display of information publicly would ensure the supply of details to citizens without any extra efforts.

The Education Department’s officials were present during the hearing. The Information Commissioner said doubts would arise if an RTI application was neglected or there was a delay in providing information. The display of important elements of information related to RTE would also reduce the burden on private schools, he said.

The Commission reminded the officials that it was expected while enacting the RTI Act that the government departments and institutions would make arrangements for public display of information useful for the people at large. This would fulfil the demand for transparency and facilitate an easy access of public to the information, it said.

The Commission also said the significance of RTE had increased manifold during the pandemic. A copy of the order was directed to be sent to the Director of Secondary Education.

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