Rajasthan govt. opposes power amendment Bill

‘It is against the spirit of the Constitution’

The Congress government in Rajasthan has termed the proposed Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020, contradictory to decentralisation of power for States and against the spirit of the Constitution in view of its emphasis on the Centre’s control of the power sector despite its inclusion in the concurrent list.

Energy Minister B.D. Kalla said at a videoconference convened by the Union Ministry of Power on Friday that the draft Bill would infringe on the rights of the States and adversely affect their financial and operational powers. He said the powers of the Regulatory Authority should remain with the States.

“The proposed Bill is inclined towards centralisation of orders, control and regulation related to the power sector. It should be withdrawn,” Mr. Kalla said, while pointing out that several States had raised objections to its provisions.

The Minister also sought an increase in the target from 325 mW capacity to 725 mW for the State under the Kusum Yojana for installation of solar pumps in agricultural fields. He said the State government had completed the process for installation of 25,000 solar pumps under the scheme.

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