Rajasthan districts’ headquarters to be developed as green energy cities

State will install 30,000 MW power production capacity through solar energy by 2024-25, says Minister.

All the 33 district headquarters and select cities in Rajasthan will be developed as “green energy cities” with the emphasis on promoting the renewable energy sector. The solar energy, wind and hybrid energy policies had attracted the investors with several concessions, Energy Minister B.D. Kalla said here on January 13.

At an event on renewable energy here, Mr. Kalla said the State would make a significant contribution to the achievement of the target set for producing 450 gigawatts by 2030. “Rajasthan will install 30,000 MW power production capacity through solar energy by 2024-25.”

The Minister pointed out that the renewable energy policies of 2019 had provided concessions to the investors and facilities such as electric vehicle charging stations, conversion of agricultural pumps into solar ones, storage technology for renewable energy and replacement of wind turbines with new ones.

“We have succeeded in reducing the cost of power production from renewable sources.” Mr. Kalla said the State government was encouraging the installation of rooftop solar system in the cities and installation of solar energy plants on barren lands in the rural areas. The solar projects for installation of reservoir panels on the irrigation canals would also be encouraged, he said.

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