Rajamouli not showing the intrest in senior heros

A movie with Rajamouli means that no hero can say no. Years go by .. Dates are happily given without committing to another movie.But Rajamouli has not done films with star heroes till now. Except for NTR, Charan and Prabhas who are star heroes because of Rajamouli .. Rajamouli did not chase after making movies after they became stars.

However, it is true that Rajamouli made efforts to make films with big heroes early in his career. Rajamouli stories have been heard from Balayya, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.But they did not give Rajamouli a chance.

But Rajamouli did not fall for those star heroes.There are many who have made negative comments saying that it has increased Rajamouli. However, Rajamouli’s inner opinion is different. Apart from that I threatened the hero. In high sun, I stand in the rain. Above all I am making movies with big heroes which means their fans have huge expectations.

If they are in my mind I will drop the tension. “That’s why I don’t like big heroes,” Rajamouli said. But soon Rajamouli is going to do a film with Mahesh Babu. This is Rajamouli’s first film with a star hero.

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