Rajamouli indirectly reveals about climax part of RRR!

Recently, Etthara Jenda song released from this movie impressed the audience very well. The song was released on two YouTube channels and received over 6 million views. Jakkanna released this song with the intention of further raising the expectations on RRR.

It is known that RRR will be released in movie theaters in another ten days. But why he released this song ten days before which is in the climax of the movie. The news that the NTR character would die was loudly publicized as the RRR climax tragedy. Fans also believed the news to be viral.

But when we observe at Etthara Jenda song, it is like the song sung for the British who fought and won. Rajamouli also indirectly clarified about the RRR climax with the release of this song.With the appearance of Charan and NTR in the song and the presence of Alia Bhatt, it has become clear that no character will die in the RRR climax.

On the other hand, it is learned that the RRR premiere shows have been sanctioned by the AP government and the government has offered to increase the ticket rates up to Rs 100 in addition to the ticket price for the RRR movie. Minister Perni Nani reveal that the additional benefits given to the RRR film.

It is noteworthy that favorable conditions prevailed at the time of RRR release, seems to be Postponing of the film has been a plus for RRR in all respects. So, It remains to be seen what level of collections RRR will achieve at the box office.

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