Radhe Shyam: First official response on negative review

Young Rebel star Prabhas and  Pooja Hegde starrer Radhe Shyam arrived at the theaters on 11th March and received mixed talk on its release day.   Radhe Shyam is all about the story of Vikram Aditya, an extremely well-known palmist who, despite trying hard not to, falls in love with Dr Prerana.

While he predicts a long and bright future for her,  but the destiny has something else in the store. Radha Krishna Kumar, the helmer of Radhe Shyam, responded officially on the negative review by sharing a post on his twitter: Thank u all for the tremendous response. We made the movie with love and your pouring your love back.  It’s not the reviews it’s the result which matters, Radhe Shyam.”

Radha Krishna Kumar thanked the movie lovers and said that review is not important, it’s result that matters.

A fan also wrote: I’m not fan of any hero..i love movies. I don’t know why reviewers gave negative reviews about radheshyaam..Really a good movie to watch ,haven’t felt bored even for 5 min while watching radhe shyam..Excellent and top notch visuals @ Radha Krishna Kumar.” Another netizen wrote: Don’t let these Numbers or Reviews let you down  Directior Radha Krishna Kumar Your Making and Efforts over the years are all seen. Pl keep up the Good Work! Radhe Shyam Prabhas.”

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