PU school sets record in admissions

A Panchayat Union primary school has set a record with admissions increasing to over 600 students this academic year, claimed to be the second highest in State by officials here.

The Kondapanaikenpatti Panchayat Union school in the foothills of Yercaud has managed to increase the student strength despite the pandemic. The school has managed to increase student strength year-on-year and with the total strength crossing 600 students, school authorities are now working on approaching the State government for increasing classrooms and strength of teachers.

A. Banumathi, headmistress, said that in 2019, the total strength was 340 students. During 2020, it increased to 475 and now 620 students.

Ms. Banumathi said that teachers from the school went door-to-door and distributed notices to improve admission. She added that two hoardings were also placed near the school announcing the admissions.

A teacher from the school said that the improvement in school infrastructure and the pandemic may have contributed to the increase in strength as over 100 students have joined here leaving private schools. “Almost all classrooms have smart televisions and there are better facilities for sports here. Students from as far as Steel Plant have got admission in the school”, said a teacher.

School authorities said that they would now need six teachers and five classrooms additionally.

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