Provide protective gears to conservancy workers: AITUC

The district AITUC has urged the State government to provide protective gears and incentives to the conservancy workers in the district during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an email to the Chief Minister, district president S. Chinnasamy said that there are around 8,000 conservancy workers in the corporation, four municipalities, 42 town panchayats and 225 village panchayats in the district. Most of the workers are from economically weaker sections of society who were involved in cleaning, disease prevention measures, drinking water distribution and overhead tank motor operators. “Of this, 80% of the workers are engaged as daily wagers and were not provided even the minimum wages as fixed by the district administration”, he added.

Mr. Chinnasamy said they should be provided with masks, gloves, footwear, aprons, jackets, sanitisers, soaps and basic protective gear. Their body temperature and oxygen level should be checked regularly.

He wanted an incentive of ₹ 15,000 to be given to all the workers in the district and compensation of ₹25,00,000 to the workers family in case of their death. Also, a government job should be given to the eligible family members, he added. The email also urged the government to regularise their jobs and provide a time-pay scale in the coming months.

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