Promoting COVID-safe behaviour through rice grains

Vishnu Vandhana using micro-art to create awareness

The rapid spread of coronavirus infections has prompted a micro-artist to educate people on COVID-appropriate behaviour though his art from.

Chaluvadi Malli Vishnu Vandhana from Sullurpeta has chosen rice grains to spread the message of COVID-safe behaviour advocated by the health authorities.

“The second wave of pandemic has already claimed thousands of lives and infected lakhs across the country. I want to do my bit to educate people on the preacutions that can check the rapid spread of infection,” says Ms. Vishnu Vandhana while showing the rice grains inscribed with the message ‘Mask Must, Gap Best, Sanitizer Correct’. She has arranged the rice grains in a pattern to resemble the map of India.

Strict adherence to the COVID-appropriate behaviour only can protect people from the infection during this testing time, says the micro-artist who had earlier offered 50,116 rice-grains inscribed with Sri Rama for the historic ‘Bhoomi Puja (foundation laying ceremony) for the construction of Sri Rama temple in Ayodhya.

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