Prashant Neel clarifies about KGF 3 :

Kannada super hit KGF franchise is the most successful venture well framed by the most dexterous director Prashnat Neel, and it is being loved by the audience from every corner of the world. Already, the two parts of the film have attained a tremendous craze from the audience with an abundance of accolades.

Now, the grapevine is all about the emergence of KGF 3. Netizens opine that the third part is also taking shape, and these types of talks have been spreading widely among the public. To put an end to these jabberings, the director Prashant Neel has smashed a pot about KGF 3.

In his latest interaction with a media house, he said, “KGF 3 is out of compulsion. People admire the franchise and the character. We are in a place where we have to make KGF 3. We have the idea for KGF 3. In fact, we have had the idea much before KGF 2.”

Prashant further continued his talks, saying, he is completely busy with his ongoing projects and can’t even think about KGF 3 for now. He also said that KGF 3 will take place in the future, but he couldn’t express when it will reach the public. But it will happen for sure, he concluded.

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