Prakash Raj's character in KGF

KGF Chapter 1 is the only film to take the Kannada film industry to new heights. Clarity is sure that this movie will also create a new sensation at the box office. The recently released trailer has also received a huge response. This movie trailer has created a sensation not only in Kannada but also in other languages. It is understood that mostly Hindi audiences are eagerly waiting for this movie.

However, in the first chapter of this film, Anant Nag, senior actor as journalist Anand Wasiraj’s way of telling the story of the film impresses the audience. It was a bit of a surprise that his character did not appear in the recently released trailer. At that time, it was reported that Anant had fallen out with the director and left the film. And in the now released Chapter 2 trailer, the story was told by Prakash Raj instead of him and everyone thought it was true.

According to the latest information received, it seems that Anant Nag will also be in this film. In a way if you notice a dialogue in the trailer that thing also makes sense as Clarity. ‘It’s a story written with blood. Move forward with ink. It is understood that the book was written by two people, with Prakash Sir saying. It seems that Prakash Raj may have given the entry and completed another part after that while continuing the first book with Anant character. Atlast the trailer has created huge expectations for the movie.

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