Post office staff booked after camera goes missing from parcel

The staff of the foreign post office have been booked for theft after a BDS student from Iran realised that a camera and two other items from the international parcel she received from the Netherlands were missing.

Based on the complaint by Katayoon Mousavi, the Kempegowdanagar Police registered a theft case against the staff on Saturday.

In her complaint, Ms. Mousavi said that the parcel was sent by her sister in the Netherlands, containing a camera and a few other items worth $100. After receiving the parcel, she noticed that it was opened by someone and the camera and other items were missing.

She complained to the Chamarajapet foreign postal office, who informed her that the parcel was opened for inspections and did not give her the required details. She then approached the police.

Police said postal staff and other central agencies conduct regular inspections and checks at the post office to lookout for banned items, and suspect that in one of these instances, someone could have taken away the goods.

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