Poonam is suffering from a rare disease like Samantha.. The actress is undergoing treatment in Kerala!

Poonam Kaur This name needs no special introduction. She was introduced to the audience through the movie Mayajalam directed by SV Krishna Reddy. Although she did not gain much popularity as a heroine, she acted as the heroine’s friend in many films. However, Poonam Kaur gained fame on a large scale by standing in controversies through social media rather than making a name for herself by acting in movies. 

They are often in the news for posting controversial comments on social media platforms. But recently, a post shared by her on social media is now going viral. However, she not only announced on social media that she is suffering from a rare disease but also shared photos related to it. Poonam Kaur has revealed on social media that she is suffering from fibromyalgia. 

Due to this disease, besides getting tired quickly, lethargy, suffering from lack of sleep, loss of memory, mental problems, and severe muscle pains are also reported. She said that she has been suffering from this disease for the last two years and is undergoing treatment for this disease. But currently, she revealed that she is undergoing Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. 

She shared some photos related to this with her fans on the social media platform. But last few days Samantha also said that she is suffering from myositis disease. Samantha revealed that the symptoms of this disease are also similar. In this sequence, fans are shocked to know that Poonam is also suffering from a similar disease like Samantha.

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