Police stations left to guard the junk

Piling up of unclaimed vehicles proves a deterrent against sustained drives

The piling up of unclaimed and damaged vehicles at police stations often acts as a deterrent against conducting sustained drives against such vehicles abandoned on roadsides and pavements.

Police personnel have to guard the junk over and above their regular duty.

The disposal of such vehicles often gets delayed thanks to the cumbersome procedures to be followed before auctioning them.

The authorities have to issue a notification and give a notice period before seeking the court’s permission to auction the vehicles. Besides, the legal battles involving abandoned vehicles also delay auction.

Those purchasing used vehicles point out that the demand for abandoned vehicles is low as most of them are totally rusty and beyond repair. Even though they are scrap vehicles, the base price fixed is higher.

Customers have a better option with private vehicle dealers. Many owners of vehicles involved in cases are reluctant to take them back considering their poor resale value.

The police say local bodies can identify designated zones to temporarily keep such vehicles before they are placed for auction.

Meanwhile, enforcement agencies have urged residents to alert them about abandoned vehicles found in their respective areas.

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