Police crack down on COVID-19 cybercriminals

Eight FIRs have been registered in CyPAD and different police stations

The Delhi police on Monday ordered crackdown on cybercriminals after they received complaints on COVID helpline.

Taking cognisance of such cheating and fraud, eight FIRs have been registered in CyPAD and different police stations.

The police said that in the view of malpractices coming to notice recently regarding COVID patients being overcharged by ambulances, harassment faced at cremation grounds, black-marketing of life saving drugs, oxygen and medical articles, and cheating and fraud in name of supplying covid drugs or oxygen etc., Delhi Police urged the general public to call the COVID helpline number 011-23469900 to report such incidents.

Also there are inputs in social media regarding frauds being committed with desperate people in the name of supplying oxygen or medicines which are now in scarce supply and there is a huge need-induced demand for it, making it easy for online fraudsters to target desperate public to fleece them of their money.

Commissioner of Delhi Police, S.N. Shrivastava directed all units of Delhi Police to immediately put in place a comprehensive strategy.

The general public is requested to lodge their complaints in this regard on and to make maximum use of helpline 155260.

Delhi Police appeals to general public to be vigilant and apply due diligence to verify the credentials before transferring their money to unknown persons or portals who are out to take advantage of the covid scenario to cheat innocent and desperate public in need.

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