Podcasts that give you the inside musical stories

Music can be meditative. But we aren’t just satisfied experiencing a few notes, we want to know the stories related to the music — about the composer, composition and the industry it is from. This list of Podcasts is for the music geeks among us


Content has been a buzzword for the last 10 years. There is an enormous amount to consume. Fuelled by the fear of missing out, we have to move on from one track to another. There is no time to relish and ruminate on a song. This podcast does that — sort of. Dissect examines an album per season, one song per episode. In their six seasons so far, they have discussed Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange and Blonde, Beyonce’s Lemonade and more.

Episode length: 50 to 90 minutes

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more


The New York Times’ Popcast discusses topics that can be categorised under ‘popular music’. Host Jon Caramanica often talks about hip-hop. But you can also find discussions on modern jazz, Lana Del Ray and A Star is Born. The podcast features analyses of the latest trends, reviews, guest interviews and more.

Episode length: 40 to 90 minutes

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more

Broken Record

This podcast involves some well-known names — American record producer, Rick Rubin; the New York Times best-selling author; Malcolm Gladwell; Journalist, Bruce Headlam. Rick gets some of the big names in the industry to share rarely heard stories, their creative processes and sometimes even play a tune from their unreleased projects. In the latest episode, Buffy Sainte-Marie talks about when she was blacklisted by the US government for singing protest songs about the Vietnam war.

Maed In India

No, there is no typo in the title, it is just a quirk in the name. It is one of the few podcasts that showcases the best of Indian independent music. The podcast is genre-agnostic, covering hip hop, blues, soul to folk, punk, rock and more.

Episode length: 40 to 60 minutes

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more

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