Plastic waste conversion plant to begin operations this month

Located near the Kodungaiyur dumpyard, it will be used to manufacture fuel oil

The Greater Chennai Corporation has planned to promote more factories under the public-private partnership (PPP) mode to convert plastic waste to fuel oil. The first of such plants is set to launch operations this month.

The facility has been developed in Chinna Sekkadu near the Kodungaiyur dumpyard. Another plant is set to be developed in Sholinganallur. Experts have advised the setting up of at least 20 such factories after obtaining clearance from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board.

The first plant will process waste using pyrolysis, a proven technology against the incineration of waste plastics. The plant has been designed and manufactured by Bioneer Green Energy, and automated by Unique Industrial Automation Pvt. Ltd., Madurai. It has been established by Entice Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. along with the Corporation.

In pyrolysis, combustible materials, such as plastic, rubber, wood, tyres, straw and garden waste, are converted into useful products, such as fuel oil and carbon, without any pollution. The plant will also be able to produce hydrogen.

The unit installed in north Chennai will convert 20 tonnes in 24 hours. The proposed unit in south Chennai will have a similar capacity.

Fossil fuel is not required for the operation of the plant.

The Corporation will supply plastic waste to the factory after segregation. The factory will operate round-the-clock. Currently, the facility is undergoing testing using plastic waste from industries.

A fraction of the 5,100 tonnes of waste generated daily in the city will be processed at such plants in a few months.

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