Pharmacy employees arrested

Police seize 25 Remdesivir vials

Three employees of a pharmacy were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly sourcing Remdesivir vials from Kerala and selling them in Bengaluru illegally. The police recovered 25 vials from Sanjeev Kumar, 32, Pratheek, 27, and Abhijith, 20.

After being alerted, Inspector Yerriswamy contacted Sanjeev Kumar posing as a customer. The accused agreed to sell two vials of the antiviral drug for ₹10,000 each, and told him to transfer part of the money in advance online. The police transferred the money after which Sanjeev Kumar sent Abhijith to hand over two vials to Yerriswamy at a pre-arranged spot on Thimmaiah Road, Mahaganapathi Nagar on Monday.

The police arrested Abhijith, and then tracked down Sanjeev Kumar and Pratheek.

“They work in a pharmacy and sourced Remdesivir from their contact in Kerala. The trio have been taken into custody for further investigation,” said a police officer.

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