Pawan Kalyan appeals to Kapu, Telaga, Ontari communities to unite for battle against YSR Congress

Time has come for the three communities to play the lead role.

Jana Sena Party President K. Pawan Kalyan on Saturday appealed to Kapu, Telaga and Ontari community leaders and elders to unite and come out to lead the battle against YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) by learning the lessons from the way the Kapu movement was scuttled in recent years.

Addressing a public meeting at Hukumpet near Rajamahendravaram city on Saturday, Mr. Pawan Kalyan said the Kapu movement was undermined after 2014 by those who perceived a threat from the community. The Kapus, Telaga and Ontari communities should shoulder the responsibility to thwart the YSRCP’s designs now, he exhorted.

Prior to the public meeting, Mr. Pawan Kalyan launched his party’s campaign against bad roads in the State, by helping his followers in patch work on a road at Hukumpet as part of ‘Sramadanam’.

"I reaffirm that I am not an enemy to any community in the State. If these three communities join the Jana Sena Party, the other communities – Setti Balija, Toorpu Kapu, Velama, and Dalits and minorities – will also be brave to join us", said Mr. Pawan Kalyan.

"If it happens, the movement will foster such struggles in Telangana too. For seven decades, these communities have been deprived of their opportunities. It’s high time for the elders of the respective communities to play the role of ‘big brother’ in Andhra Pradesh", said Mr. Pawan Kalyan.

In his appeal to Kapu and other leaders, Mr. Pawan Kalyan said; "be patient. I never wanted the battle against anybody. But YSRCP instigated the battle on all fronts. The Godavari region should play the leading role for the united fight against the YSRCP".

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