Pause and poise: On Congress' Rajasthan Cabinet reshuffle

Congress seems to have ended factionalism in Rajasthan with a Cabinet shuffle

It is on this count that the Congress should learn lessons from its self-inflicted disaster in Punjab on the eve of the Assembly election and continue to plan ahead in Rajasthan, if it is to have a fighting chance in 2023 and 2024. Mr. Gehlot is an astute manager of interest groups — a fact borne out by his capacity to claim the CM’s post for a third term despite having lost two Assembly elections after two five-year terms in the past. He has also managed ties across party lines. At 70, he has expressed plans to remain active for another 20 years. That may not be a great idea for himself or the party. His reputation and legacy would be enhanced were he to work towards a transition, along with Mr. Pilot, who, despite his rebellion against Mr. Gehlot, has stayed a loyalist in the Congress. At 44, Mr. Pilot has shown promise as a leader who can connect with the rural and the urban; the conservative and the modern. The party’s challenge is in converting the impatience of its young leaders into energy, and combining it with the political shrewdness of its veterans to create a productive compact.

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