Panneerselvam urges Stalin to adopt Centre’s guidelines on staff attendance

The AIADMK leader said the Centre had announced physical attendance for only 50% of staff; he also called for counselling to be given to families hit by COVID-19

AIADMK coordinator, O.Panneerselvam, onMondaycalled upon Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to follow the Central government’s guidelines on the attendance of staff of the State government, on account of the advent of thethird wave oftheCOVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, hereferred to the Centre’s announcement of physical attendance being restricted to 50% of the actual strength of employees and exemption for pregnant women and persons with disabilities fromphysical attendance.The likelihood of cases of COVID-19going up in Tamil Nadu too, was high. In the last one, theemployeesof the Statewere“workingsomewhat in fear” and there was an expectation among them that the Centre’s norms be followed for them too, he said.

In another statement, the AIADMK leader urged theChief Minister to advise officers of the government tosee to it that those hit by the pandemic begiven not only medical treatment but also counselling.Hemade this observation in the context of a family of four that hadattempted to end their livesafterone of themtested positive for COVID-19. Two of the personsdied. Quoting reports in sections of the media to this effect,Mr.Panneerselvamwanted the government to payex-gratia relief to legal heirs ofthedeceased.

(Those in distress or having suicidal tendencies could seek help and counselling by calling State’s helpline 104 and Sneha’s suicide prevention helpline 044-24640050.)

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