Pact for open access to Manuguru solar power

Agreement with Transco, discom

A tripartite agreement on the open access to solar power generated in Manuguru area by Singareni Collieries Company Ltd (SCCL) was signed on Friday between SCCL, Transmission Corporation of Telangana Ltd (TS-Transco) and Northern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Ltd (TSNPDCL).

The agreement enables SCCL to avail the solar power generated in the 30 megawatt Manuguru area plant for its needs in Manuguru and Illendu areas through transmission and distribution lines of TS-Transco and the Northern Discom and the purchase of the remaining power by the discom.

According to officials of SCCL, although the Manuguru solar plant has generation plans for the next 25 years, the agreement was signed for two years with the provision to renew it every two years.

About 90% of the power generated in the Manuguru solar plant would be utilised for local needs including 65% by the company’s residential quarters and offices and another 25% for running the machinery in mines in Manuguru area and the remaining 10% for mining activity and residential quarters in Illendu area.

Singareni is utilising 4 million units of energy for the mining activity in Manuguru area and another 1 million units for domestic needs from the Northern Discom.

However, after the commissioning of Manuguru area solar plant, about 3.3 MU for mining activity and about 0.9 MU for domestic needs is being drawn from the plant, saving about ₹1.2 crore on energy bills per month.

Once the establishment of 300 MW capacity solar plants is completed by SCCL, the company could save about ₹100-120 crore per annum on power bills. SCCL General Manager (workshops and energy management) N. Nageshwar Rao, Chief Engineer Vivekanand, SE Ch Prabhakar (commercial) and Karunakar (of Transmission Corporation of Telangana Ltd ) and CGM Madhusudan Rao (Northern Discom) signed the agreement.

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