‘Overall hiring returns to pre-pandemic levels’

‘Jobs in hygiene, childcare pick up’

The overall hiring activity in India has touched pre-pandemic levels, and going ahead, the consumption economy will play an important role in spurring job growth further, according to a report by jobs site Indeed.

For the first time several in months, hiring activity in India is at a pre-pandemic baseline (February 2020 level), the data showed.

Job postings for tech software (IT) roles saw a 19% increase between July 2020 and July 2021 as an expected outcome of the pandemic-induced digitisation. Moreover, job postings for other IT job roles such as project heads and engineers also climbed 8-16%.

“The reopening of the economy and efforts by businesses to work around the challenges presented by COVID-19 have pushed the Indian job market towards recovery,” said Sashi Kumar, head of Sales, Indeed India.

He added that while the relevance of tech jobs continued to be high, renewed demand for retail and food jobs indicated that the consumption economy would play an important role in driving job growth further.

“Hygiene has become top priority for both employers and job seekers. What’s curious is the heightened interest for veterinary, therapy, personal care, and childcare jobs.”

The easing of lockdown restrictions and the reopening of spaces sharpened the focus on hygiene and sanitisation and the demand for housekeepers, caretakers, and cleaners had grown by 60%, the report said.

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