‘One-way rule thrown to the wind’

Road users point out that on certain roads in T. Nagar, it is flouted with impunity

T. Prabhu, a resident of T. Nagar, was proceeding towards Anna Salai through the intersection of Dr. B. Narasimhan Road and G. N. Chetty Road, by motorcycle, when a speeding motorist coming in the opposite direction took a left turn at a fast clip and, which forced Prabhu to halt. Prabhu froze in shock, and it took him a couple of minutes to gather his wits and proceed again.

Motorists frequenting Vijayaraghava Road, Dr. B. Narasimhan Road, G. N. Chetty Road and Mayor Sundar Rao Road, T. Nagar, have requested the Greater Chennai Traffic Police to ensure that the one-way rule is strictly enforced in the region.

A portion of Vijayaraghava Road and G. N. Chetty Road is a one-way towards Anna Salai. For motorists to go from Vijayaraghava Road to Teynampet, they have to ride through Dr. B. Narasimhan Road, G. N. Chetty Road and Mayor Sundar Rao Road.

To avoid taking a detour, auto-drivers and motorcyclists, starting near the intersection of Anna Salai and Vijayaraghava Road, come at a good speed posing a risk to the safety of motorists and pedestrians. The motorists drive dangerously close to pedestrians. Similarly, at the intersection of G. N. Chetty Road and Dr. B. Narasimhan Road, motorists coming from Gopathy Narayana Salai drive in the wrong direction increasing the risk of accidents. Prabhu says, “We have to be alert. The motorists take a sharp left turn. Barricades must be placed at strategic locations to prevent vehicle-users from overtaking, or driving in the wrong direction.”

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