NTR Revealed the secret of 26th !!

Tarak, Charan and Rajamouli impress the audience by speeding up RRR promotions. Fans hope that this movie will be a memorable hit in the careers of Tarak and Charan. RRR has only the week to be released in movie theaters. As the days go by the expectations on this movie are increasing.

However, many in the audience are have a doubt about when the friendship between NTR and Charan started. That question was also easily answered by RRR Movie Promotions. Speaking about the friendship between the two, Tarak said that he and Charan are two different poles. usually two different poles attract each other.The same thing happened in the case of the two of them.

NTR said that the friendship between them was formed during the Star Cricket matches. Charan would remain calm despite the volcanic eruption. NTR revealed that his wife Pranati’s birthday is March 26 and Ram Charan’s birthday is March 27. Charan’s car stops in front of his house after midnight on March 26. He calls Charan to get in his car and after pranati asks tarak where he is and tells him that he is with Charan.

Tarak said that he was afraid that she would have near the gate of charan’s. This is how Tarak revealed that he has been attending Charan’s birthday for the last few years. However, In the interviews, Charan and NTR impresses the audience by revealing the highlights of the movie.

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