Now, monolith appears in Ahmedabad but no mystery here

Mystery of India’s first monolith, a triangular prism-shaped structure of shiny steel sheets which came up in a garden in a posh locality in Ahmedabad was solved after the civic body confirmed that the structure was put up with its permission.

“The monolith has been placed there by the company which takes care of the garden. The structure has been installed by the company for the visitors. People can see their reflection on the shiny surfaces of the structure and take selfies too,” said Jignesh Patel, Director of Garden Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

The seven-feet tall structure became an instant hit among city dwellers as soon as it was spotted in a garden on SG Highway on Thursday morning.

The garden where the monolith has come up is jointly managed by the civic body and a private company Symphony, the maker of air coolers.

The Ahmedabad monolith is slightly different from the similar structures came up elsewhere in the world, as its metal has been engraved with an added detail – a code to crack. On one of the sides of the structure has a sequence of numbers, it is unclear what they represent.

The first such three-sided steel monolith appeared and disappeared after a few days in a remote desert of Utah, United States. Later, similar structures were spotted in around 30 countries.

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