Night-long rain in Hyderabad leaves many areas submerged

Lakes across the city and surrounding areas overflowed, inundating housing colonies

Night-long rain has laid siege to Hyderabad city, with scores of localities submerged in water on Wednesday.

Lakes across the city and surrounding areas overflowed, inundating colonies as the excess water found its natural course to Musi river.

When Saroornagar lake breached, the water reached Vijayawada highway near Chaitanyapuri, inundating the arterial road, cutting off the major link with the rest of the city, and besieging thousands of houses through its course.

There were reports of Kapra lake breaching too, inundating areas such as Dammaiguda.

Excess water from Ramantapur Pedda Cheruvu has flooded the surrounding localities, cutting off links to several colonies. Officials deployed pumpsets to drain the water.

With Hussainsagar lake reaching full tank level (FTL), the surplus water flooded Padma Colony, Nagamaiah Kunta, Nallakunta, Vidyanagar, Ashok Nagar and other area. People had to vacate the ground floor and go to upper floors for safety.

A number of calls for rescue went unheeded, with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials expressing helplessness as early as Tuesday night, with all disaster response teams having been fully deployed at various locations.

All ‘nullahs’ were gushing with storm water and overflowing stormwater drains have cut off roads at several locations.

13 gates lifted at Himayatsagar reservoir

A total of 13 gates have been lifted at Himayatsagar reservoir, starting from midnight, letting out over 22,000 cusecs of water as at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. As a result, the Musi brimmed with copious inflows. Water reportedly flowed over the causeway on the river at Chaderghat. The Musi is in full flow at Attapur.

As per the data from automatic weather stations, Singapore Township in Pocharam has received the maximum rainfall at over 32 cm, with all localities in city without exception receiving over 20 cm in one night.

With practically no information flow from the GHMC/Traffic Police about flooded locations or routes to avoid, commuters had to flounder on roads. Traffic jams occurred as early as 8 a.m.

Incessant rain throughout the day and night on Tuesday has inundated several low-lying areas in Pragathi Nagar, Nizampet, Bhagyanagar, Balajinagar, Gokul Flats, Vivekananda Nagar, Allwyn Colony and other localities in Kukatpally area. The problems of people in apartment with basement parking are worse in Nizampet, Bhagyanagar and other areas as they are filled with rainwater.

As power supply to such buildings has been cut, resident associations have taken to pumping out water with pumpsets. Power supply was switched off to several localities throughout the night due to heavy wind on Tuesday night but has been restored in the early on Wednesday.

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