New movement all set for electoral fray in Kochi

V4 Kochi to field candidates in all 74 divisions in local body polls

V4 Kochi, a new organisation claiming to be a people’s movement aimed at dislodging mainstream political parties, which it allege are mired in corruption, has thrown its hat in the electoral ring by proposing to field candidates in all 74 divisions in the Kochi Corporation in the forthcoming local body polls.

Announcing this at a press conference here on Wednesday, the V4 Kochi team said taking the benefits of direct democracy to the people in a transparent manner using technology remained its solution to end the deep-rooted corruption and vested interests of political outfits.

Nipun Cherian, an engineering graduate and campaign controller of the organisation, however, distanced the outfit from the apolitical corporate-backed charity outfit, Twenty20, which swept into power at Kizhakkambalam at the expense of mainstream political parties.

“We are not apolitical, and our structure is way different from Twenty20, though we are keeping a close watch on its people-friendly services. Our political ideology is rooted in ‘connectivity’, and we propose to transfer power to people through value-based politics. We have a clear idea of how society should work and how to ensure it, which, in our view, are the two core aspects of any ideology,” he said.

He added that the core team of the organisation was made up of people who had been active in the various social causes in the city and had been part of organisations like AAP and Swaraj India in the past.

Admitting that finding candidates for all the 74 divisions remained a challenge, Mr. Cherian said the organisation was open to public-spirited people, genuine independent candidates, and even those who had left political parties frustrated by their ways.

“Professionals with an assured income will be our candidates, while none pursuing politics and social service as their sole objectives would be fielded. Our campaign expenses will be mobilised from people through bank accounts, and not a penny more than the Election Commission-permitted campaign fund will either be mobilised or spent,” Mr. Cherian claimed.

Implementing universal basic income, live streaming of ward sabha meetings, shutting down the Brahmapuram solid waste treatment plant and converting it into a wetland park, implementation of Kochi e-governance system, and publication of all public data in compliance with the Right to Information Act are among the organisation’s governance plans if voted to power.

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