Navarthri Utsav from today

Bharatiya Viyda Bhavan, Tiruchi Kendra, in association with the National College and Infosys Foundation, will host a week-long Navarathri Utsav featuring various cultural events over the virtual platform, starting Saturday.

The events will be available live at at 6 p.m. every day till October 25.

The event will start with a vocal concert by Kamakoti Sisters Jayamathangi -Jayabargavi and party on Saturday. It will be followed by vocal concert by R. Aadtiya Rangan and party on Sunday; a flute concert by M.Anirudh and party on Monday; namasankeerthanam by Smarane Sukham team on Tuesday; veena concert by N. Akhilandeshwari on Wednesday; bharathanatyam by students of Revathi Muthuswamy of Srirangam Bharatanatyalaya on Thursday; vocal concerts by K. Ramesh and party on Friday; and R. Kashyap Mahesh and party on Saturday; and Natya Samarpanam by students of Vrinda Ramanan of Bala Kala Vidhanam on Sunday (October 25).

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