Narcotics ring busted, ₹1 Crore worth drugs seized

Police have arested a Nigerian national in whose possession the drugs were found

City police busted a narcotics ring in the city, arrested a Nigerian national and recovered ₹1 crore worth of drugs from him. Acting on a tip-off about a drug peddler, sleuths from the Anti Narcotics Wing of Central Crime Branch raided a rented accommodation in Kammanahalli on September 4 and recovered 500 grams of MDMA crystals and 400 MDMA Ecstasy tablets, worth about ₹1 crore, from the house. Police have arrested the Nigerian national in whose possession the drugs were found.

Investigations have revealed that the accused has come to India on a tourist visa and was staying with another Nigerian national in Mumbai, both of them peddling drugs. Santa Cruz Police in Mumbai had booked both of them in a narcotics case earlier. Out on bail, the accused shifted to Bengaluru, rented a house in Kammanahalli and resumed peddling drugs in a new place under a different name, the probe has revealed.

The accused continued to source narcotics from Mumbai, available at a cheaper cost, smuggled them to Bengaluru in toothpaste and cosmetic boxes via road, and was selling them to mainly students and techies in the city.

This comes close on the heels of another big bust where sleuths recovered narcotics worth ₹2 crore after they arrested two drug peddlers from Jharkhand in Whitefield. Like in the recent case, these peddlers got their supply of narcotics from a man in New Delhi, who in turn bought them off the dark net.

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