Nani's HIT enters profits

Natural Star Nani‘s second productional venture HIT which was received to mixed talk has managed to enter break even. The movie was sold to modest rates and it has helped the film a lot. HIT is an investigative thriller which goes in serious mode for most of the film. HIT has had a decent first weekend. However the film after it has reached break even has been hit by Corona virus effect.

Corona Virus is scaring Telangana especially Hyderabadis. With 2 cases confirmed in Hyderabad, people are afraid to go to public places which in turn is affecting theaters and shopping malls. There has been huge decline in the collections of the movie. However with movie entering into profits, buyers can breathe sigh of relief. They have missed on more profits though. Buyers are hoping that Andhra region might add up few to the huge total before full run comes to an end.

Directed by Sailesh Kolanu, HIT has Ruhani Sharma playing the female lead role. The movie is all about investigating the case of missing girl Preethi on Outer Ring Road. Twist in the tale comes when Vikram Rudraraju played by Vishwak Sen also loses his girl friend. Connecting all the dots, what happens in the end sums up HIT.

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