Naga Shaurya about his 8 pack

We think that about the people in film industry If the body wants to grow like this before the movie, they will grow like that. They have all kinds of facilities and amenities. However it was not as easy as expected.

Even Mouth shut and train our body but the best body does not come as expected.But we have a lot of heroes who go through trials and tribulations. Nagashourya, who looked so wacky with his latest eight pack. He said recently how hard he worked for it.

Nagashourya worked very hard for Lakshya film. In the teaser and trailer, that fact is known for sure. So the rest of the things will be known as well. The film is set in archery. It is very difficult to go professional in any game. That is why he trained in brave archery for this film. Shaurya said that archery is difficult but pulling back 35 kg is not a common thing.

The hero in the movie changes at a crucial time. Changes in body shape are shown to show that in detail. For this, Shaurya packed eight. Muscles are clearly visible when there is less water in the body. That’s why it’s brave not to touch the water for almost nine days for scenes that appear with an eight-pack look. And we have to see what the result of that difficulty will be.

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