Mysuru to try PPP model for ICU bed management

There has been a need to increase the number of ICU beds

After COVID-19 Mitra triaging system, Mysuru is launching a new initiative where the ICU bed management is done on the PPP model.

There has been a persistent need to increase ICU beds as demand for the same has been on the rise. About 25 patients in oxygen beds are waiting to be shifted to ICUs, but there is no shortage of oxygen beds.

The challenges have been manpower (specialists, doctors, nurses) and equipment.

“We are trying out this model in Mysuru from Thursday wherein doctors from Gopal Gowda Hospital have collaborated with the super speciality hospital to monitor ICU care. This solves our manpower issue. Meritor Group’s Muthukumar has supplied the ICU beds, BiPAP and monitors. This solves our equipment issue. We have been working on this for the past 15 days. From Thursday, 30 beds will be available. Gradually, the number will be increased to 100 ICU beds. Hope this will ease the demand for ICU beds in Mysuru,” said Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri.

People from neighbouring districts and Bengaluru too come to Mysuru in search of ventilators, she added.

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