Mysuru gangrape case: Siddaramaiah questions police for not obtaining victim’s statement

Says law and order has collapsed in State

Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly Siddaramaiah has slammed the police for their ‘failure’ to obtain the victim’s statement in the Mysuru gangrape case and said it showed their laxity.

Speaking to medi persons in the city on Wednesday Mr. Siddaramaiah said the law provides for the police to record a statement and it was mandatory but they have not followed the procedure.

Incidentally, DGP and IG Praveen Sood had stated recently that the victim was traumatised by the incident and they would wait for her to recover before recording her statement. Mr. Sood had also said that they are building up technical and scientific evidence to get a conviction even without the victim’s statement and had cited the example of a similar incident reported in Manipal in 2013.

But Mr. Siddaramaiah said the victim’s statement can ensure stringent punishment and the police was duty bound to record the statement. “I am not stating that the victim should have been forced and compelled to make a statement under duress. She and the family should have been counselled that it would ensure the accused receive stringent punishment’’, said Mr. Siddarmaaiah.

Prima facie it appears that the family was perhaps being compelled not to issue a statement by the government as it is a stigma to the administration and hence wants to bury it, Mr. Siddaramaiah alleged. “This is a serious incident and I will also raise it in the Assembly.”

Questioning the police for not registering the FIR as soon as the boy accompanying the victim narrated their woes at the hospital, Mr. Siddaramaiah said there was a delay of 15 hours in filing an FIR which was registered past noon the next day.

The rape was a heinous crime and this showed the failure of the government and the police in upholding law and order in the State which has ‘collapsed’. There has been a series of dacoities and murders in recent days in Mysuru and yet the government has not taken measures to secure the city.

The police and the government are taking credit for arresting the rape case accused within 5 days but they should have been a step ahead in preventing such incidents from occurring, said Mr. Siddaramaiah who earlier visited the scene of crime. The place is deserted and the jurisdictional police does not know whether the area is under the Forest Department, the Mysuru City Corporation or the Mysuru Urban Development Authority. Despite the relative isolation of the place, the police has not deployed mobile squad Garuda which, he said, underlines their lack of seriousness in maintaining law and order.

Though a heinous case was reported in Mysuru, Home Minister Araga Jnanendra did not display any seriousness and spent time in Mysuru visiting Chamundi Hills, inaugurating a shooting simulator at the police academy and posed for photos and finally visited the scene of crime, said Mr. Siddaramaiah, adding that there was “administrative collapse” in the State.

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