MUDA to roll out online property tax system from April 1

CR for buildings to be issued provided deviation from approved plan is less than 50 per cent

The Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) will roll out online property payment facility from April 1.

It has also decided to issue CR for buildings by levying double tax provided the deviation from the approved plan is less than 50 per cent.

For online payment of property tax, the software has been developed by KEONICS and will benefit the owners of nearly 1 lakh properties within the MUDA jurisdiction and which is yet to be transferred to the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC).

The property details have been digitised to enable the software to automatically calculate the property tax amount and in the first phase, the online payment facility will be open to the properties developed by MUDA.

Subsequently the online property tax payment facility will also be available in case of private properties coming within the MUDA jurisdiction.

This was stated by MUDA Chairman H.V. Rajeev here on Monday. He told mediapersons the MUDA property documents were being digitised and once completed it will pave way for online katha-related transactions as well.

The online payment system will also augment the property tax collection of the MUDA as it does not entail any physical visit to the MUDA office, standing in lengthy queue etc., to avoid which people tend to procrastinate or delay the payment of property tax.

Mr. Rajeev said the MUDA members who met after the Budget on Saturday also approved the issue of Completion Reports in case of buildings with up to 50 per cent violation of the setback rules and deviation from the approved plans. But this will entail a payment of double the tax amount.

He said there were lot of complaints about non-issue of CR due to deviations and violation of setback norms. But the MUDA has taken cognisance of the fact that building a house on plots measuring 20×30 ft or 30×40 ft leads to deviation from the setback rules and hence they intend to collect a tax to issue the CR provided the violation was below 50 per cent.

The MUDA has also decided to collect fee from the vacant site owners to keep the property clean devoid of weeds and overgrowth of vegetation. The fee will be levied at the rate of ₹1 per sq. ft in case of plots upto 30 x 40 ft dimension and ₹2 in case of bigger plots.

The validity of Building Licence for construction of new houses issued by the MUDA and which expires on March 31, 2021, will also be extended, he added.


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