Mr Modi Visits. Washington. Again.

Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi returned to the United States after a pandemic induced hiatus.

During his three-day visit, typically packed with appointments, Modi will address the United Nations General Assembly, attend the Quad Summit and meet with Joe Biden at the White House, their first meeting after Biden was elected America’s president.

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IMAGE: Prime Minister Modi senses wet weather at Andrews Air Base in Washington, DC on September 22, 2021 and prepares to open his umbrella. All Photographs: Press Information Bureau


IMAGE: A rare picture of the prime minister with a brolly.


IMAGE: A gathering of the Indian Diaspora turned up to greet the prime minister on his arrival.


IMAGE: Desis vie with each other to shake the prime minister’s hand.


IMAGE: Ladies from the Diaspora greet Modi at his hotel in Washington, DC.


Photographs curated by Manisha Kotian/
Feature Presentation: Rajesh Alva/


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