Movement for reservation losing direction: HDK

Former Chief Minister and JD(S) leader H.D. Kumaraswamy on Tuesday said the movements launched by different communities seeking reservation appeared to have lost their direction.

Speaking to reporters in Mysuru, he called upon people in power to understand the limitations in law and previous experiences. Politicians who had started the campaigns had now brought religious leaders to the forefront, he said.

“Even 75 years after Independence, several microscopic communities without a voice have not been able to get reservation. Like the big fish eating small fish, bigger communities have swallowed smaller communities,” Mr. Kumaraswamy said.

With regard to his stand on the demand for reservation for Vokkaligas, Mr. Kumaraswamy said the matter had not been discussed with him. However, a Minister in the BJP government along with community leaders had met their religious head and submitted a memorandum to the government seeking an increase in the quota.

At the meeting of leaders of Vokkaligas, who are now in 3A category that has 4% reservation, a demand had been made for increasing the quota to 10%. “We will have to wait and see how the government reacts,” he said.

He said the Kuruba community, which is part of 2A category that has 15%, had sought to be included in ST, which has only 3%reservation. “We will have to wait and see if the increase to 10% as sought by Vokkaligas will happen in the same category or in another category,” he said.

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