Motorists asked to be cautious as star tortoises found on forest road

Star tortoises face poaching and smuggling risks

With the movement of star tortoise on the forest road that leads to Thengumarahada from Bhavani Sagar becoming frequent, vehicle users have been asked to be cautious.

The Moyar river flows through the reserved forest area of Bhavani Sagar that comes under the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve. Star tortoises in the country face poaching and smuggling risks and the vulnerable reptile could live in drought conditions in forest areas.

People said that there is a sharp increase in the number of star tortoises that could be found on the river and also along the road. They said that they were asked to be cautious by the forest department as the small reptile could not be noticed while it crosses the road.

Except for the government buses and pick-up vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed to use the forest road.

Other wild animals, too, frequently cross the road at various places.

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