Mosques to hoist national flag on Republic Day

They will read out preamble of the Indian Constitution

Mosques in the State for the first time will hoist the national flag as well as read out the preamble of the Indian Constitution on Republic Day on January 26.

Already the Kerala State Wakf Board has sent circulars to all the mahal committees and institutions under its jurisdiction to hoist the national flag, read out the preamble and take the pledge to protect the Constitution.

Crucial period

“We have decided to go ahead with the programme in view of the country going through a crucial period. Of course, the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act [CAA] and anti-NPR are raging everywhere. We cannot remain aloof from the protests,” T.K. Hamsa, chair of the Wakf Board, who is also the CPI (M) State committee member, said.

He told The Hindu on Friday that the minorities especially the Muslim community were feeling insecure about denial of citizenship. “Such events would promote national integration in this unpleasant political situation,” Mr. Hamsa said.

About 10,000 mosques function under the Wakf Board. The circular has also instructed the mahal committees to adhere to the instruction to unfurl the national flag at 8.30 a.m. in accordance with the stipulations adopted by State government and other departments. A copy of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution has also been sent with the circular.

However, some mahal committees have chalked out plans even before the Wakf Board came out with such as circular and are organising bigger events including talks of religious heads. “We have invited Major Devanandan, NCC Group Headquarters, Kozhikode, to hoist the national flag,” P.M. Abdul Kareem, secretary of the Pattala Palli, set up by Tipu Sultan, at Mananchira.

Besides, writer Alankode Leelakrishnan will deliver the Republic Day message.

Swami Viswa Bhadrananda Shakti Bodhi, Prof. Hussain Madavoor, Fr. Thomas Parakulangara and Dr. Jamaludhin Farooqi will speak on the occasion. “People from all sections have been invited so as to promote the spirit of brotherhood and enforce camaraderie among sections of the people,” Mr. Kareem said.

Similar ceremonies have been planned at the Mohiudeen Palli near the Palayam market as well. “Normally mosques do not engage in such ceremonial activities on Republic Day though madrasas hoist the national flag. But the need of the hour is to protect the constitutional rights of the people,M.C. Mayin Haji, leader of the Indian Union Muslim League and Muthawalli representative of the Wakf Board, said.

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