Mohan Babu releases a video explaining Ganesh Chaturthi significance

Senior actor Mohan Babu is well versed in mythology. He has today released a video where he explained the significance of Vinayaka Chaviti.

The video was released a day before the festival. In the video, Mohan Babu explained the significance of the festival, How to do it, Why we should do it.

He has also explained the Gajasura story. Mohan Babu revealed how Ganesh was born, why Ganesh has got the elephant head. Mohan Babu in his video said that it has been in practice that for every Vinayaka Chaviti he invites his close friends and well-wishers and he narrates the story to them.

It can be said that this video is very informative. Mohan Babu says that it is for his younger friends who are not well versed in the mythology. He revealed that it is his son Manchu Vishnu who has insisted that he should do a video about the festival.

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