Mishan Impossible Closing collections

Niranjan Reddy and Anvesh Reddy, the heads of ‘Matney Entertainment’, who are shooting the movie ‘Acharya’ with megastar Chiranjeevi, have released the movie `Mission Impossible` starring Tapsi Pannu in the lead role.  Swaroop RSJ, who directed the hit film ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya’ with Naveen Polisetti, is the director of this film. NM Pasha co-produced this film.

The movie was released on April 1 Wraps up the negative talk with the first show. This film opens with the theme of what crime did the originals commit? How Tapsi and team saved the three children from being caught in a crime. Roshan, Banuprakash and Jaitirtha were seen as three children.

Due to negative talk, This film, which did not seem to be doing well in terms of box office until the weekend, was handed over only after that.

Once we look at the closing collections:

Nizam        0.29 cr

Seeded      0.16 cr

Uttarandhra          0.21 cr

East + West           0.07 cr

Krishna + Guntur 0.09 cr

Nellore                  0.06 cr

AP + Telangana   0.88 cr

Rest of India + Overseas  0.07 cr

Worldwide (Total)  0.95 cr

The theatrical business of ‘Mission Impossible’ was Rs 2.22 crore. But in the full run, the film garnered a share of just Rs 0.95 crore. After the weekend, the movie grossed only Rs 0.13 crore a share. The film was removed from most theaters after the weekend. With this the calculation like negative shares did not come out. However, the movie left the buyers with a loss of Rs 1.27 crore and remained a disaster.

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