Minimally invasive spine surgery now available in Tiruchi

It has become possible for patients to access minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) as an alternative to conventional procedures in Tiruchi, according to a local hospital that recently operated on a resident who suffered lumbar fracture in a road accident.

“Previously, MISS surgeries were done only in metro cities, but this is now available in Tiruchi as well. Though it is expensive compared to open surgery, MISS has many merits. Where a normal operation would require surgeons to make an incision of at least 10-15 cm, in MISS, screws can be inserted into the spinal area with just a cm cut. This leads to less scarring, and quicker recovery. Patients can expect to be discharged from hospital faster,” said Syed Ali S., consultant, brain and spine surgeon at Maruti Hospital, at a press conference on Monday.

The cost of the implants used in MISS are nearly double compared those in regular spinal surgery. Depending on the type of bone deformity seen, minimally invasive procedures could also be used to stabilise spine curvature in conditions such as kyphosis and scoliosis, said Dr. Ali.

Addressing the media, the patient, a 57-year-old cab company operator, spoke about his experiences. “My car tumbled into a field when I swerved to avoid a pedestrian on the highway near Viralimalai. And though I was able to get up and leave my vehicle, I developed intense pain in my hip and back and was brought to hospital on a stretcher. Since I am a diabetic, I was advised to undergo MISS [percutaneous stabilisation] by Maruti Hospital team on December 10. With the help of physical therapy following the operation, I was able to walk independently, though I still have pain due to injuries sustained in the accident,” he said.

K. Anand, Managing Director, Maruti Hospital, and V. Ravi, senior orthopaedic surgeon, Maruti Hospital, were present.

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